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Garden Design Suffolk

Design by Sue Wooster, Bellflower Nursery

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Full Garden Design

Suffolk Garden Works works closely with multiple Garden Designers and we can work with you to create a bespoke garden that you will love, which suits you and your lifestyle. Whether you're green fingered or just want a calm and tranquil space, we can make a gardener's oasis or a low maintenance paradise you can enjoy all year round for a long time to come.
The plans can include a detailed planting plan
and a plant maintenance 

    The Process

1. Initial Consultation
This is where we come to meet you and view your garden for the first time to discuss what you would like from it. We will work with you and a Garden Designer who will produce a preliminary plan using their creativity, ingenuity and experience which we can then provide a full quotation to complete.

2. Site survey and analysis
The Designer will discuss their ideas with you and, if you wish to proceed, carry out a full site survey and analysis of your garden. This is necessary for producing a scaled plan that can be presented to landscaping contractors, like ourselves, to complete the work.
The survey will also account for the aspect and type of property that you own, the soil type and major level changes across the garden. 

3. Design layout and concept (draft) plan
Using the information that the desginer has gathered from your brief, the survey and their principles of garden design, they will prepare a layout plan (an overview in pencil). This will be presented to you in person to discuss their decisions and to give you the opportunity to put forward any alterations which you would like to make to your garden design. 

4. Your plan will be drawn up to scale and delivered in person. 
Suffolk Garden Works can then provide a quote for part or all of the works if you so wish. 

Design costs will vary accordingly to the scale and complexity of the project
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